General conditions of sales-RPGD

EURL Le Petit Vallauris
BP 10031 83040 TOULON CEDEX 9
Siret : 440 353 035 00023
TVA : FR15440353035
RCS TOULON: 440353035

To subject  with the present General Conditions

1. In connection with the present General Conditions Under the present general conditions the terms “us” and “our” indicate the EURL Petit Vallauris and the term “you” designates the customer. Under the present general conditions, certain terms ordering by a capital letter are definite terms. For purposes of simplification, the list of these definite terms appears ˆ the end of the general conditions. The present general conditions as well as the Confirmation of order constitute the Contract between us and you for the supply of the Products. All other general conditions will be inapplicable. The Contract can not modified only if we agree to modify it in writing or by email. 2. To place your Order 2.1 To place an Order, you must be 18 years Agé or more and to be reachable on line of a fixed or mobile telephone. 2.2 You can place Commande: 2.2.1 by filling the form with purchase available on Internet site “,www,,,www.numero-de-rue,com” after you summers connected and indicated your personal co-ordinates and while clicking on the ic™ne “to send”; 2.2.2 while telephoning to us with the number .93 between 8 a.m. and 20 hours of Monday at Saturday; 2.2.3  while returning directly to you “our Shop-Workshop” to Pradet, ZAE La Bayette, 92 Chemin de La Bayette 83220-France We do not accept any Order placed by any other means but one of those mentioned above. 2.3 When you place your Order on our site, we will provide you a Number of form Internet. We will do that by the means of Internet site as well as a Number of good orders (who you permez to follow the advance of your order directly by the Net) you will receive this number after having received confirmation of reception of your order., If you placed your Order by telephone or fax, in this case we will provide you your Number of Order per telephone or Mail. If you place your order directly to the shop we will provide you the purchase order in clean hand. 2.4 While placing an Order, you formulate us an offer to buy the Products which you selected according to general conditions'. We reserve ourselves the right to accept or refuse this offer, with our discretion. 2.5 If we cannot accept your Order, we will try to contact you by email, or telephone, or mail. 2.6 Although we make all our efforts to provide you the Products mentioned on your Confirmation of order, it may be that we are in lOimpossibility to provide you these Products because, as example, these Products are not manufactured any more or that we have no possibility to supply us in components necessary In such circumstances, we will contact you for you to inform and possibly offer of it an alternate Product to you which you could wish to buy. If you do not accept our suggestions, we will cancel your Order of Products which we cannot provide you and we will refund you very amount that you will be able to have paid us for these Products. The refunding of these sums will constitute our only responsibility towards you if we cannot deliver the Products to you which you ordered. 2.7 The information contained in our publicities, our booklets, any other document written, on our Internet sites or provided by our agents or our employees constitutes an invitation to enter in talks. None of this information constitutes a contractual offer of our share to provide products. 3. Supply of your Products We will provide you the Products indicated on your Confirmation of order in accordance with the provisions of the general conditions. 4. Price 4.1 The prices for the Products will be the prices indicated on your Invoice. 4.2 The VAT is payable by you at the applicable rate indicated on your Invoice. 4.3 The expenses of delivery, when they are applicable, payable by you, like are mentioned on your Invoice. 5. Payment of your Products 5.1 We accept only réglements cash. You can pay your Products Directly on line on our Internet site “”, by fax, telephone or on with the shop. 5.2 The currency of reference is the Euro 5.3 If you pay by credit card, you must then provide your references of credit card when you place your Order. Your will be output when we emit your Invoice or forwarding credit card of your Products. We will not begin the manufacture of your Products nor will deliver your Products to you or will carry out the Services only as from the moment or we will have obtained on behalf of the transmitting company of your credit card, the authorization to use your credit card for the payment of the ordered Products. If we do not obtain to such an authorization we will inform some you. 5.4 If you pay by bank check, credit transfer or postal cheque, a request for payment will be addressed to you and your Products will be manufactured and provided and the Services carried out only after cashing of your payment. If the cashing does not intervene in the thirty (30) days as from the date of your Order, your Order will then be cancelled. 5.5 We will send the request for payment, your Invoice as your Products to your attention with the bill-to-address indicated in your Confirmation of order. However, we will be able only to send the documents by email if you indicated an address of email in your Purchase order. 6. Delivery of your Products 6.1 The Products paid by transfer, credit card, cheque or éventiellement in cash could be delivered at an address being in France, in the Européenne union like any other country in measurement or we only will judge quality and mail service followed it this country. If we judge that the destination of this delivery is not sure us will not effecturont this one and we urge ourselves ˆ to refund your purchase (blue chart or transfer) 6.2 We will deliver your Products ˆ the address of delivery indicated on your Purchase order, except if you ask us delivered at a different address. 6.3 We will implement the reasonable means necessary to manufacture your Products in the quarantes (40) days following the date of emission of your Confirmation of order. The estimated times of manufacture of the Products, given during the placing of Order, are only estimates and do not constitute delivery periods. If you ordered several Products at the same time, it may be that we deliver these Products to different days. You will be able to cancel your Order at any time before the delivery of the ordered Product, by calling us with the number .93 and by pointing out your Number of Order Internet to us. The realization of the Services will take place after the delivery of the remaining Products, in accordance with the specifications and procedures applying ˆ these Services. The date of realization of the Services will require a direct agreement between you and us (eurl small the vallauris). Once the date of realization of the Services was fixed, then you must conform to it. 6.4 Postal delivery: If you miss the appointment or if you do not have the infrastructure necessary whereas you admitted having it at the time or the appointment was agreed, then no other obligation will pose on us to provide the Services bought by you. 6.5 The property and the risks related with your Products will be transferred during the delivery of the Products. 6.6 As of the delivery of the Products to our conveyor, we will send to you a confirmation of forwarding by email or sms, provided you indicated an electronic address or of mobile telephone on the Purchase order. 7. Your right to turn over the Products 7.1 If you ètes not satisfied with any of the Products or the terms of any kind of Services that you bought to us, you will be able to turn over us the Product or to cancel this order of Services, and to obtain the refunding of the price of the turned over Product or about Service if you contact us in the ten (10) Wrought Days as from the delivery of the Product or in the 10 Wrought Days of the conclusion of this kind of Services. However, you will not be able to turn over us a Product and to claim a total refunding if the Product were to manufacture or decorate on order. 7.2 In order to exert your right to turn over a Product or of an order of Service which does not satisfy you, you must telephone to us number 0494201993 between 8 a.m. and 20 hours of Monday at Saturday, to define the methods concerning the restitution. You must turn over us the Products in their packing of origin and the Product owes are intact. You must obtain and preserve a signed copy of the document of removal at the moment of the resumption of the Products by the conveyor. 7.3 Provided that the Products being turned over us are intact, we will refund you the price paid for the turned over Products. 8. One year guarantee 8.1Nous let us guarantee all the products which us manufactured against any defect of materials and manufacture for one duration of one (1) year as from the date of purchase (the date being reproduced on your Invoice). We commit ourselves to repair them or exchanging them if that is not possible, in accordance with the provisions of this guarantee. 8.1 It belongs to you us Restituer by your own means the deffectueuse goods, if this one were delivered by conveyor we engage with you deliver the commercial one repaired or exchanged to our expenses . 8.2 General . In order to obtain the services of guarantee, you can invite us Monday at Saturday between 8 a.m. and 20 hours by specifying us your identification number customer. These phone calls remain with your load. IF YOU SUMMERS A CONSUMER, THIS GUARANTEE COMES IN SUPPLEMENT AND DOES NOT CARRY NOT REACHED TO THE LEGAL GUARANTEES FROM WHICH YOU PROFIT.


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